When I sit, squat,lounge, lie or drape for a portrait it is extremely important that I have a rapport with the man/woman behind the camera.They can make you feel you look a million dollars when you are feeling like hell. Of course your make-up designer and hairdresser are the people who send you out in front of the camera with confidence. Shelley's the best. By now I have had so many stills sessions I feel I know what looks best instinctively. Of course it is not instinct but experience. Having seen so many photographs and shots of myself it would be very strange if I had not learned a thing or two. In the theatre,of course you play the action and it doesn't matter a damn what you look like.

I thought you'd come First still session
Moment to moment Wait for it

'Wait for it'

£40.00 inc. P+P

All photographs are 10" x 8" in size.

We have very limited stock remaining.

All photographs were hand signed by Honor, they are not pre-printed. As we may have a number of these in stock, the item you receive (autograph position, pen etc) may differ to that shown.

Worldwide postage and packing is included in the price.