Life at the Top with Laurence Harvey was a sequel to the very successful Room at the Top but from the outset one felt that the producers and the director were not in tune. One wondered why they had decided to work together. At one point Ted Kotcheff, the director, was determined to be the first to shoot a scene in which my breasts, well anybody's breasts for that matter,were to be exposed on screen for the public. It is funny now to think how outrageous the idea was. The producers and Larry knew such wickedness would not be passed by the censor so Larry contrived to slide his arm across my breast just as it was about to be exposed. It turned out to be quite a complicated scene and Larry had to be really alert! In the midst of all this there was a small matter of dialogue!

Shall I? They’ve gone
Keep Schtum  
Shall I?

'Shall I?'

With Laurence Harvey


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