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Shalako was my nightmare film. Two native Americans who weren't accustomed to filming and were unable to differentiate between 'action' and rehearsal poured sand into my mouth [not actually sand] and stuffed my diamond necklace down my neck so often and so forcefully I feared for my teeth. I also had to have my clothes torn off me down to my corset by a bunch of Spanish horsemen playing 'Red Indians'. Nobody had thought to snip a little of the beautiful French seams, consequently they had to tear at me and tear at me till eventually the odd piece of flesh went with the garment and the bruising was horrendous. It was Brigitte Bardot's first film outside France and she was understandably feeling very insecure. Consequently she surrounded herself with a French entourage and we did not get a chance to know her. Sadly, Sean and I only met in one group scene in that film.Jack Hawkins played my husband'. He had no voice at that point having recently had his throat operation. Stephen Boyd who played the man I was about to leave my husband for sadly committed suicide a little while later.



Shall I? They’ve gone
Keep Schtum The Lady
Come aboard But I need it
I like this guy  
I like this guy

'I like this guy'

Shalako With Stephen Boyd

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