In The Avengers my partner, Patrick Macnee ,is one of a dying breed -- a gentleman! He was constantly trying to persuade me to fight as he did [with great style] with a sword or umbrella or some such. He was afraid I'd get hurt. But the role reversal angle was one of the great attractions of The Avengers. Since the show was on tape with only one commercial break we ran from set to set between scenes frequently changing our clothes as we ran. I would often hurl myself on to a chaise longue to play a cool sexy scene with Patrick after just having done a fight and spend the scene trying very hard not to look as if I were panting after him! No stunt artists, no retakes for us. Looking back I can't think how we did it.! Lots of learning, judo lessons. coreographing fights, sometimes three or four hour wardrobe fittings,publicity fan mail -- it was a helluva two years but I wouldn' t have missed it for the world.


Side by side We're ready for you
Ready when you are I Can't beat that score
Let's give 'em a surprise  
Side by side

'Side by side'

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